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Wireless Internet access zone can be established in any public place with high concentration of potential users, for example — in an airport, at the railway station, in a hotel, restaurant or bar, in a business- or enterntainment centre and so on.

Let us take a look at the most popular solutions base on Barsum Wi-Fi:

Public Internet access zone (prepaid)

Access and  accounting server Barsum Wi-Fi is used for autonomous Wi-Fi zone establishment with prepaid cards base access.

Quick system installation and configuration, interaction with any certified hardware and system management simplicity allows to quickly organize a commercial Wi Fi access zone at any place with no high costs required.

High speed Internet access for hotels guests

Barsum Wi-Fi allows to provide and control high speed Internet traffic for hotel guests, to track services used, to generate access cards, and has many other useful functions.

Usage of additional Barsum Wi-Fi modules allows hotels to run accounting of IT-services provided at the interface of hotel management PMS and to run full control of services provided by the hotel.

Territotially distributed network of Wi-Fi zones (multisite)

Barsum Wi-Fi based solution considers systematic system scaling for access at territotially distributed Wi-Fi zones, that are served by one access and accounting hub.

Provides a unified solution for already created and  being created hotspots on various objects.

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