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Barsum Wi-Fi

What is Barsum Wi-Fi?

Barsum Wi-Fi — is a universal software platform for Wi-Fi zone deployment with hot-spot equipment of any producers.

Main functions of Barsum Wi-Fi — are control of network access and billing, however the platform includes all service functions necessary for fledged hot-spot functioning, such as generation of PIN-codes for access cards, flexible tariffication system, prepaid/postpaid payment bases, integration with PMS and other billing systems and others.

Barsum Wi-Fi is an ideal stand-alone solution for commercial provision of Internet access in a separate object which can also serve as a component of software complex of Internet-operator dealing with accounting and management of wireless networks on clients' faciities.

Software complex of Barsum Wi-Fi is a component of Automated Calculation System "Barsum Bill Works" (Conformance Certificate CCC ОС-3-СТ-0526) and is aimed to provide billing procedures and clients autorization in broad-band networks of wireless access of IEEE 802.11x (Wi-Fi) standard.

Barsum Wi=Fi


Of course, hot-spot deployment requires technical and administrative preparation. Please contact us - we will try to find an optimal solution for you together with our partners!

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