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Barsum Enterprise mission

Barsum Enterprise system belongs to Telecom Cost Management systems class. This system is a powerful deep-laid toolbox that helps to solve all problems devoted to accounting, control and analysis of telecommunication network usage within organization. Examples of system usage purposes are represented below.

Comprehensive and detailed accounting of telecommunication costs

Barsum Enterprise keeps the full information about each phone call, including its date and time, duration, cost, name of an employee who made a call, link to his department, location information as well as details about the one who the employee called. A special aggregative or a cross-section report can be conducted if needed. The report format is set preliminary, for example, "Cross-department tehephone calls costs for the latest month" or "International calls of employee N". Reports are filled by up-to-date data that exists on the moment of report formulation. It means that Barsum Enterprise is very convinient for conduction of almost any type of control.

Statistical processing of phone calls information and user-friendly representation of results

Detailed telephone bills contain full information about all phone calls, however telecommunication means usage effectivenes is almost impossible to be analyzed. Report on costs per department/subsidiary/project is much more convinient for analysis if it is presented in a form of a pie-chart. However, some types of information cannot be received without preliminary statictical processing, for example data about telephone line load. Barsum Enterprise system automatically conducts all needed statistical information analysis and presents it in a user-friendly way, that makes the following analysis more convinient.

Obtaining of information valuable for optimal setting and configuration of commutation equipment

Actual information about telephone line capacity and load is needed for optimal setting and configuration of PBX by technical personnel of the company. Barsum Enterprise provides such information in many forms, for example graphical diagramms, that make analysis and stratetic planning more efficient.

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