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Partnership programme

How to become our partner?

If your company operates in sphere of telecommunication equipment and services provision, system integration and you plan to include Barsum in your product or service package, or if you consider software sales as an independent business and you plan to sell Barsum products to all demanding companies, we offer you the Partnership Program. This program will provide you with special conditions for Barsum products purchase and further sales.

To learn more about program conditions and get more information, please contact us:

Contact us — Barsum feedback.  

Partnership levels

Partnership program determines different partnership levels (statuses). Partners can acquire the preferable status depending on their goals and collaboration results.


Business-partner status can be acquired by any company that has signed an agreement with Barsum.

Business-partner status does not lead to any financial or other liabilities of partnering company, however it provides substantial benefits for Barsum products purchase.

Official partners

Companies that work with Barsum on a regular basis and achieve certain sales results can obtain the Official partner status.

Official partner status considers that partnering company provides services on a certain level, moreover partnership conditions are more beneficial in comparison with Business partner status.

Strategic partners

Companies that achieve outstanding results and provide strategic advantages for Barsum promotion on the market obtain the Strategic Partner status as well as maximum collaboration benefits.

Strategic partnership considers cooperation aimed to improve and develop the product and leads to mutual benefit creation for partners and users.

Contact information

If you have any questions regarding our partnership program, please contact us via email or via phone during regular business hours:


St. Petersburg office: +7 (812) 449 17 00

Address: Russia, 195112, St. Petersburg, Malookhtinsky pr., 68
Tel.: +7 (812) 449 17 00 / Fax: +7 (812) 449 17 01
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